Landscape Artist of Canadian Rockies – Lake O’Hara


Bill Peddlesden

His paintings capture the beauty that can’t be seen by the camera.  He is a landscape artist of the Canadian Rockies.  Bill has hiked and skied into Lake O’Hara a number of times.  Many of his painting are of Lake O’Hara and other locations such as Mt. Assiniboine, the Bugaboos. Bill is a self-taught Alberta landscape artist working in oils and watercolours. He has always been interested in art from an early age, taking courses at Alberta College of Art when he was 12. A retired teacher from Rocky View School Division and Bow Valley College, who briefly taught art, but taught computer science, math and business. Bill graduated from University of Alberta in Commerce and the University of Calgary in Education. His work is rooted in his hikes and ski trips in Alberta’s mountains. He is a landscape artist of the Canadian Rockies and is inspired by the beauty of Alberta, from the mountains to the prairies. ‘We are fortunate living in Alberta as we have some magnificent landscapes’.    Bill also enjoys doing portraits. He is a member of the Calgary Artists’ Society.


Featured Collections

Recent Artworks

Mount Assiniboine

Mt. Assiniboine, Alberta Landscape Painting
14" X 18" Oil on Canvas Board $500
Columbia River - Fairmont
18" X 24"
18" X 24" Oil on Canvas in Frame $750

Columbia River- Fairmont

Girl with Sunglasses

Girl with Sun Glasses

Lake O'Hara
Mt. Odaray

chester lake2
Lake O'Hara in Winter
Looking back to Cathedral Mountain - Lake O'Hara

Cathedral Mountain
Lake O'Hara

Boulder Pass - On the Way to Soski Lodge

Watercolour 11" X 22" in white mat

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