we all love

paintings of nature

Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.  Elbow Falls – Banff Alberta

Canvas Prints of My Watercolour Paintings

Cobalt Lake

Cobalt Lake High in the B.C. Rockies - Bugaboos

Boulder Pass

Cross country skiing into Skoki Lodge.

Emerald Lake - Natural Bridge

Heading Back from Emerald Lake


Boulder Pass #2

We have tried to get to Skoki Lodge a number of times.  The conditions have to be right.  If the snow is heavy then it takes to long.  If the wind is blowing it’s too difficult  – cold and poor visibility.  We do however always get to Boulder Pass which is about halfway to Skoki Lodge.  Here is another view from another day.  We stuck our heads above the pass and the wind was howling so we turned back.  A group of British tourist, in a group, were heading to the pass and to Skoki.  You could see the feer in their eyes – the weather was frightening.  They turned back as well.

Boulder Pass


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